Eye Brow Implants


A variety of different causes can result in our eyebrows losing hair, or appearing patchy and uneven. They may be genetic, the result of past treatment – like electrolysis, laser hair removal or over-plucking – scarring, or a variety of medical conditions. At the Skin + Hair Clinic we’re market leaders in eyebrow implant surgery, using the FUE hair transplant technique. It’s renowned for being painless, scarless and stitchless, transferring individual follicles without using slits or sutures, and without leaving a linear scar in the donor area, as other techniques do.

We can restore your hair to give the appearance of fuller and thicker eyebrows, a more subtle thickening, or reduce the appearance of scars in the brow.


Eyebrow implants is related to a surgical method of lastingly implanting, and/or improving your eyebrows’ looks. There were a few old techniques which were used earlier to implant patient’s eyebrows, in which individual hair were taking from any part of the patient’s body part such as leg, nape, etc and then transplanting it to patient’s eyebrows. At DR. JOY’s FUE SPECIALIST CLINIC the most advanced technique is used to eyebrows implants. FUE hair transplant (follicular unit extraction) method is used to eyebrows implantation in this method hair from the back part of patient’s head is utilized since it is very similar to your eyebrow hairs.


We have discussed a bit about the eyebrow hair implants above. You really need to know few more important facts about surgical procedure of eyebrow implants. The procedure is really so simple and similar to FUE Hair Transplant. Actually FUE hair transplant technique is used with this eyebrow implants. In this method hair follicles are extracted from the donor area of the patient’s head and implanting or transplanting those on his/her eyebrow the recipient area. Local anaesthesia is used before starting the surgery, so that patient doesn’t feel pain during the surgery. Proper after care treatment is provided to the patient by our trained staff.


Here we would like to share little eyebrow hair implants results which was handled by Dr. Jyotsna Kumari. She is a well known personality in Liverpool UK for specially FUE Hair Transplant surgery.


There may be many causes and condition of eyebrow loss. Here we have focused on few.


A variety of medicines, scarring and skin conditions may contribute to eyebrow hair loss. The Skin + Hair Clinic‘s dermatologist and eyebrow loss expert will help you make an informed decision about your treatment, through a free, no-obligation consultation.


Over-plucking of your eyebrows can again lead to destruction of the hair follicle and potentially permanent loss of the hair over time. Our eyebrow hair follicles can be very sensitive to removal of the hair, and over-plucking over time can result in permanent damage to the hair follicles, and patchy eyebrow growth.


The condition that causes ‘balding’ can also lead to thinning of the eyebrows over time. It’s often included in a general ‘age-related’ category, but your brows can be filled out with the transplantation of a few follicles…


Alopecia Universalis is the most extreme form of alopecia, and involves the loss of all hair from both the head and the body.


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