Hi there, My son, Michael’s confidence has dramatically been boosted since he had his transplant last December.Thank you Joy for giving my son the greatest confidence boost I couldn’t give him (I mean this in a positive way!!) Regards, One happy mamma, Bernie xx
-Michael Dobson
Hi, I have had two procedures at the clinic, and I’m extremely pleased with the results.
-Neil M
It was September last year when it finally hit me that I was feeling very insecure about my hair and overall appearance. I was in America retracing one of my honeymoon destinations before me and my wife tried for another baby.  All I can say is I’m glad I chose this clinic and would do so again, all I can say is thankyou for giving me my confidence back.
-Daniel Phillips
hi literally had my fue procedure, 3500 grafts, id just like to say a big thanks to joy an the team for making me feel so comfortable and relaxed. I would totally recommend this clinic for anybody who is feeling insecure about their hairline or suffering hair loss its only day 2 and my confidence is returning already I will be making regular testimonials throughout my journey thanks joy and team x
Dear Joy and all the team, I just wanted to say once again a ‘huge thank you’ for all your support received so far, I almost feel like part of the team these days !! lol! A big shout out too to Aley, Georgia, Kristina, and Claire, who have all been a true joy to deal with and so helpful.For those of you who are contemplating going to the Liverpool Skin and Hair Clinic wherever you are in the country, it will be worth it,the service is professional, to the point and delivered with nice dose of humour along the way too. I am now 5 weeks post surgery and very happy with the results so far ,I feel like I have been given a new lease of life, worth every penny.
NICK - 24 JUNE 2016
Dear Joy, Thanks to you and all of your staff who have made my experience with your clinic so worth while. The courtesy from Kristina, Georgia and Clare which has been given from my first visit right through to my surgery and afterwards has been second to none. The procedure was everything I expected and your promise to resolve my previous hair transplants from a different clinic in Poland have exceeded my expectations. A very special thanks to you. And a huge thanks to Ally, whose skill has given me back my hair for the first time in over 20 years is amazing. You’ve given me back my Mojo, so many, many, many thanks to you all!!  
In this review I’ll tell you about my 5000graft FUE, explain how long I have spent researching it and choosing the right surgeon to perform the operation. I’ll tell you about my fears and expectations and share with you my financial concerns and worries about results. I’ll mention my consultation, the team I chose and tell you all about the operation and the after care I received. I will hopefully allay any fears you may have and encourage you to chose this centre as your hair gift giver. I’m a happy reviewer so here goes.
I had a hair transplant with Dr Joy almost a year ago and I can’t tell you how amazing the results are. The staff are wonderful and I’m so so so happy with the results 🙂
LUKE MILLS - 09 MAY 2016
“You will not need any convincing once you have visited this clinic” I have recently undergone a 5000 graft FUE hair transplant and have to say having had consultations with four other clinics I’m overjoyed I chose Liverpool Skin and Hair Transplant Centre. There is no hard sell and it’s the only clinic you actually get to speak directly to the surgeon(Dr Kumari) who performs the procedure. The initial consultation, procedure and aftercare is second to none and I would highly recommend anyone thinking of having a hair transplant procedure to have it done there. Kristina, Georgia, Dr Kumari and Ali cannot be praised enough for their professionalism, knowledge and attention to detail. Having a hair transplant is a major decision but believe me you will not need any convincing once you have visited this clinic. I cannot thank the whole team enough. Amazing experience.
Had my hair transplant (5000) grafts! 15 weeks ago, already seeing fantastic results on the front of my hair were I was receding, not so good in the crown area but, it is still so early as its only 15 weeks post op and I didn’t expect to see any results at this point. Joy really is one of the best around at what she does, and the girls in the clinic make you feel so comfortable on the day of your surgery, I would really advise you to choose this clinic.
From the age of 26 i started to suffer alot from hair loss and receded alot from the front of my head. So i read up about hair transplant procedures and clinics which offer the treatment. After ringing a number of clinics and being quoted ridiculously high prices i was recommended The Skin Clinic and Hair Transplant centre. After speaking to Christine (who is really friendly and welcoming) i booked myself in for a free consultation with Dr Kumari. At the consultation Dr Kumari assesd what treatment i needed, talked me through the procedure and was very knowledgeable about any questions i had. She offered to do the procedure at a very competitive price which I was very pleased with. Therefore, i was booked in for my procedure a week later and had the FUE treatment done which required me to be at the clinic from 7:30 am to 9:30pm. On the day the treatment went exactly the way it was explained to me at the consultation. Dr Kumari was extremely professional as well as being very gentle to minimise any pain. At the end of the procedure i was given antibiotics and pain killers which i had to take for the next 10 days after my procedure in aid for full recovery. It doesn’t end there…… The after care which is the most important aspect of the treatment was absolutely fantastic. I was given saline water to use to keep washing my head as well as being told to return to the clinic every second day. When returning to the clinic Chrsitine and Dr Kumari would asses my head, wash it, and inspect it on how well it has healed. Any questions ii had i would ring the clinic and would be given an answer straight away. Now it is already 9 months since the operation and I am very happy with the results. I can not speak highly enough of the service i have been provided by Dr Kumari and her team. Therefore, i would highly recommend The Skin Clinic and Hair Transplant Centre to anyone as you will not be disappointed.
I want to give a detailed review of this hair transplant clinic. I started losing my hair at the age of 23. Being young it was a hard thing to deal with and my head shape did not suit a shaved head. Every day was a constant battle in the mirror which used to make me depressed and very self conscious. I have used all the cover ups lotion and potions. Yes the cover up worked a little but I was always conscious that if anyone touched your hair there hand would be black! Therefore it came to a time I had to do something to combat this. I traveled across the country seeing the so called elite of the hair transplant industry. What did I find? Well a lot never seemed to be interested in your needs, feelings or gave me confidence I would achieve my goal of hair that I wanted. However this changed ! I made a appointment at the clinic and met Dr Joy Kumari. Instantly I felt like I had made the right decision in coming to the appointment. Dr Kumari was very passionate and gave me the feeling that she had my best interests at heart and promised that she would provide me with the hair I wanted. I trusted her instantly and said yes there and then. On the day of the treatment I was greeted by Kristina Dr Kumari’s assistant she was lively and very attentive making sure I was comfortable and happy at all times. The procedure took about 12 hours implanting 4500 grafts. I can not tell you have professional and relaxing the procedure was and never once did I feel uncomfortable … I was given all the aftercare medication and treatment and went home without that much pain and comfortable. The after care was second to none. Everyday I went back the clinic for my head to be washed by Kristina and also to be checked by Joy. I don’t think any other clinic would give this kind of service. Now the important part the result! I have always read reviews and been sceptical of them. However , I can say 100% my results in 6 months is nothing sort of remarkable .. I have a full head of hair which is thick and I am only at 60/70 % of the end result as the hair matures it will get thicker and thicker and I am still seeing growth.. The results were fast and within 4 months I was seeing a huge difference … Anyone doubting my transformation can easily see my results by Joy and I am happy to provide evidence of my results
I’m adding to the reviews as I’ve seen some negative online reviews about this clinic and would like to add my own experience I first visited the clinic in 2013, after initially having a consultation with a salesman from another company when I was looking into having a hair transplant – I was a bit concerned that a salesman was trying to sell me a medical procedure and decided to get a second opinion – I was very impressed by Dr Kumari when I first saw her and decided to book a hair transplant at the clinic after consultation – I can honestly say I made the right decision – Dr Kumari and the team were fantastic – the aftercare she gave me was outstanding too and nothing was ever too much trouble – it’s been nearly 2 years since my transplant and although I’m very impressed, I’m now looking into a second transplant to thicken my hairline and this is the only place I would go to. Absolutely the best – Dr Kumari, Kristina and the team are fabulous – My treatment went well, the aftercare was second to none and I can’t praise Dr Kumari highly enough – if you’re reading this and thinking about visiting the clinic, I would recommend you give her a call.
PAUL 09 DEC 2015
Having suffered from hair loss from about the age of 21, I decided to act upon it. Firstly, I went down the SMP route I was honestly very happy at first although this quickly wore off as unfortunately it is nothing more than hair illusion at a rather large price! I began to search for other solutions never thinking a hair transplant was a) viable for me and b) within my price range until I stumbled across Joy and the Skin clinic and Hair Transplant Centre, I went in for a consultation and was blown away by previous clients results and the warmth and honesty I was shown by Joy and Kristina, before I knew it I was booked in for surgery for a 3500 graft FUE procedure at basically the same price I had paid 3 years prior for SMP. I was over the moon to say the least! The day of the surgery it was very professional but welcoming at the same time, the surgery is split into two, you take the hair from the donor site and you plant the hair into the recipient, in my case the frontal region. The procedure took overall about 8/9 hours, slight discomfort when the needles are being used but nothing to put anyone off, we stopped for dinner, chatted throughout at this point with the two other girls, who are the girls who plant the hairs, basically everyone involved I cannot speak highly enough of and now 8 months later I don’t have the illusion of hair anymore… I actually have it!
DAN 02 DEC 2015
My 18 year old son had a hair transplant at the clinic. Dr Joy, Kristina and all the staff were fantastic with him. His self esteem was at a very low ebb and he had stopped going to school, wasnt interested in finishing exams and he rapidly became a recluse. It was a very worrying time. He had developed male pattern baldness at a very young age. Dr Joy decided she wanted to help him and I am so glad she did. He is a different person a year on. Much more confident in himself and he is now going round without wearing a hoody which was the norm last year. I would highly recommend this clinic.
-Liz Annett
Had hair transplant 14th December. I was nervous the day before, but when got there on the day, Kristina and Dr Kumari made me very relaxed. They are a very professional team. The other lady (sorry, forgot her name) is great too. Now the treatment is not painful. An hour later I felt asleep, that’s how relaxed they make you and so happy with them. They give you dinner and really look after you. The after care is great too. So anyone out there who is wanting to try regain, it doesn’t work. You’re wasting your money to get the look you want and your confidence back. Dr Kumari, she’s 100% great and all the staff are 100% great too. I am so happy I found the Skin and Hair Clinic in Liverpool, Mossley Hill. I will be recommending Dr Kumari to everyone she really nice lady very down to earth and does her work properly. 100% happy with all the staff. What a great service.”
Hi I am Jack Edwards, I am 34 yrs old and a fashion freak guy. The only thing which caused hindrance in my persona was my baldness. I wanted to get rid of it anyhow and as early as possible. Few days back I had got a hair transplant done on center part of my head from your Clinic. I must say that the doctor Mrs Joy has good command over her work. She really holds credible experience to her work as the work done on me was very fine. I was relieved regarding my hair loss as now I no more have to worry about the baldness. This baldness really distracted me from my work, but now I feel more concentrated in my work now.
-Jack Edwards , 24 June 2015
I had an hair transplant and iam only 14 weeks post operation now and it did really change the way I feel about my self as my hair line receded badly last 10 years it is back now !! every time I see it I realise that it is worth every penny I spend on it and the hair direction is even better than my original hair direction when I was 20 years of age anyone want to before and after photos i am happy to show you.
- Najwan, 15 Oct 2014
I had a hair transplant on 18.5.2014 by Dr Kumari, she is a fantastic lady and her work is perfect. Its been 5 months on and I already have a hair line growing through. Would recommend her!!!!. All the staff are brilliant and the aftercare is 10/10.
I recently diagnosed by alopecia areata I was very worried about that bald patch on my face beard, I went for consultation to dr. Kumari clinic she started treatment and after 1 month I can see hair regrowth on my face. Thanks dr. Kumari its really worked for me and will hope see more good result after complete my 6months treatment.
-Jan Sher, 4 Nov 2014
In September 2014 after years of thinking I wanted to have a hair transplant I had my consultation with Dr Joy Kumari and after the initial talk I knew I wanted her to do my operation so I booked I got a really amazing price I can say it’s the best money I’ve ever spent. The day of my surgery they asked if I could come in at 8 o’clock in the morning I walked in and was met by Christiana let me tell you she was amazing all the way though could not rate her enough friendly helpful happy cheerful just fabulous so she met me when I walked in and got me ready made me a drink got me comfortable then shaved the back of my head put a little semi permanent dye on and I was all set for my op Dr Joy Kumari came in to and we started with the local anaesthetic that was not nice bit after my head ready and I couldn’t feel anything I got on the table and fell asleep till dinner could not feel a thing they had taken all the follicles ou before I woke up well the doctor woke me up lol went out of the room into another where my dinner that I had chosen I could of had anything but I chose a cheese sandwich and a twix a nice drink of fanta Orange was good finish and went back in this part anaesthetic again wasn’t good hurt but after was no pain at all the doctor made little holes where the follicle units would go it took about an hour for that then the placement of the follicles this took a long time as I had big bulky follicles I had only 27 single hair follicles the was 4/5/6/and yea even 7 hairs coming out of just one follicle I was advised that it would be a really good result because more hair means more density finished at 7 pm and the doctor gave my saline spray antibiotics steroids tablets for healing co codamol for pain and diazepam what really helped I had a great night sleep and now day 2 a little swelling on my forehead but no pain more updates to follow I just want to say what a fantastic team thank you so much would definitely recommend doctor kumari and her staff Christina absolutely brilliant
I contacted several hair transplant clinics in Liverpool for advice on my receding hairline. Most were concerned with the sale I was putting their way rather than being able to provide any helpful information. One in particular phoned back back every day, almost desperate for the business. As I started to lose hope in finding someone to put my mind at ease, I stumbled across the Liverpool Skin Clinic in Mossley Hill. From the minute I contacted them, they were professional, helpful and endearing in wanting what was best for me. They made me a consultation and no appointment slot seemed impossible for them, they worked around what was most convenient for me. After meeting Dr Kumari (the surgeon) and having a lengthy discussion, I could tell that she was different from the other people I had spoken to. What set Dr Kumari apart from all the rest was her vast knowledge and thorough advice, I could tell this was an educated lady I was talking to (and unbeknownst to me at the time, I would later learn that Dr Kumari used to be a surgeon). All her advice was backed up with a portfolio of her work and I was even introduced to a patient of hers who sang her unconditional praises while telling me of her medical background. But the best bit of all this I hear you ask ? Value for money! Not once during any of the previous conversations had I been offered so many grafts for the price. In fact, all other clinics had been up to £700 more expensive for just over a quarter of the grafts. Now they do say that when something seems to be too good to be true, it usually is. Not in this case, I am now 3 days post op and the work is outstanding. It is neat, it is beautifully compacted and my donor site is healing up with barely any signs to show for. Dr Kumari, her assistants and Kristina have all been so hospitable and kind in helping with post -op care.I really can’t recommend this clinic enough. I assure you, you won’t be disappointed. I am so excited to see the results!
- Gavin
I am happy with the results that I have got so far from my surgery, all my family and friends have commented on how good it looks. I now feel more confident within myself. Throughout the surgery I was made to feel relaxed and comfortable, and I can always contact the clinic to ask any questions that I may have. Thank you
I had my first treatment (FUE) at the clinic last year and was so pleased with the service and subsequent results that I returned again this year to have a second procedure. I have on both occasions found the staff to be very friendly, professional and extremely understanding to the needs of the client. I therefore have no hesitation in recommending them very highly.
-Mr Price
It was great. I had FUE hair transplant done, it’s very affordable. The doctor has a good hand in the transplant. The price is affordable
-Anon, 09/11/14
During the last week of February 2013 I visited the Liverpool based, Skin Clinic and Hair Transplant Centre to have some hair transplanted. It took some time for me to get up the courage to do so, but after I thought what else I could spend the money on, I decided my hair was an important part of my self identity. I was truly impressed with the staff at the clinic – everyone made me feel very comfortable. On a preliminary assessment visit, Dr Kumari had explained in detail what I could expect. The transplanting involved removing follicles from the back of my head to the front. The process was conducted very professionally. It was at times painful but not terribly so.After the anesthesia wore off, my scalp, particularly the area around the back of my head where the follicles had been ‘farmed’ was very painful and was very itchy during the week that followed. the aloe cream supplied helped but it was still very itchy. I was quite self conscious about my new hairdo, particularly as it looked as if I’d had a run in with a lawnmower. I have always had long hair since my teens, so to lose it all in one shot was somewhat shocking – not only to me, but to those who know me well. Opting for the less courageous road, I explained to my friends and family that I’d had an accident and needed to have my head shaved. I’m afraid vanity prevented me from offering the truth, which is some what ironic since having a hair transplant does involve a certain amount of vanity. Over the next few months my existing and transplanted hair began to grow in the front of my scalp. Now 17 months after the surgery, it continues to grow, though I have lately noticed a few hairs coming loose after combing but I believe these are hairs that I would have been loosing anyway. I am very happy with the results and would recommend anyone contemplating a hair transplant to go for it. It has certainly given me a a boost. For price, professional attention and follow up support The Liverpool Skin Clinic gets 10 out of 10 in my book. Thank you all very much
After several botched procedures at other establishments, I found Joy! Literally, Joy is the name of the doctor ( yes doctor, not nurse, or beauty therapist ) . Joy will take photographs before and after, explain procedures, tell you what you need and how much it will cost. You may be thinking, she’s setting you up by saying what you need. But no! She gave me advice, that through her knowledge and visual testimonials, I trusted. Don’t expect to walk out with “duck lips”, or experience, expressionless face after botox. Just trust her judgement, be delighted, enjoy compliments and renewed confidence. Must not forget to mention , Kristina. The ” right” , right hand woman to Joy.
TRACEY 21 DEC 2015
Suffering from dry bad skin on and off for years I looked to the skin and hair clinic for help. And after a few months Of regular perscritions and visiting Joy at the clinic my skin has never been better! I now feel confident without all the layers of make up and my skin is radiant. Joy and Christina make you feel right at home and when visiting the liverp0ol skin clinic. If your having any problems with your own skin I would definitely pay them a visit. I’ve recently had my first peel here, they both made me feel calm and relaxed and my skin is feeling incredible I can’t wait for my next one, thank you skin clinic!! X
SOPHIE C, 19 NOV 2015
Were you pleased with the treatment? I really want to share my experience at this excellent clinic. I have a skin condition called Lichen Simplex Chronicus which basically is areas of unsightly skin plaques mainly on my arms which I have been receiving treatment for on NHS for the last three years. I have had every cream and steroid imaginable for this condition and still the raised scarred plaques remained. I approached Dr Kumari at the Liverpool clinic and she removed one area with minor surgery and the result was amazing. I now have a small neat area of skin which is fading in colour each week!! I was so impressed that I have returned to have two more areas removed today and am excited to think I may be wearing short sleeves again soon. Dr Kumari was very professional along with her two lovely assistants Christina and Becky. This is money well spent in my opinion as my confidence is improving and I don’t feel I have to constantly cover up. The after care is also very good and I was made to feel totally reassured in my consultation whilst making the decision myself to get this procedure. I strongly recommend this Clinic as I feel it has helped me where other methods have not succeeded. THANK YOU to Dr Kumari and team. Jenny Spotless Treatment room and Professional treatment from Dr Kumarni and her assistants Christina and Becky. Felt so please with my first treatment and the result that I have returned for more treatment on other skin plaque lesions. I highly recommend this clinic as they have successfully removed my skin lesions and am happy with the results. Jenny Ward Liverpool
I visited the centre after years of suffering with psoriasis which had started to effect my quality of life. I was seen within a few days of initial contact and was really pleased with how friendly and helpful the lady on the phone was. The clinic is modern, clean and well presented. Within the hour I came out of there with hope of getting my condition under control. I wasnt disappointed. Over the next week my skin had dramatically improved as had my confidence. As long as the clinic is there I’ll be a client, I can’t complain at their service at all. Thanks!
Very happy, positive experience with excellent results. Will be a lifelong client.
JULIE - 8 JUN 2015
I had a great experience. I felt very comfortable and relaxed. I love my lips it was pain free and great results. Friendly and helpful staff. I would recommend it.
Excellent results. Look younger 5 minutes after. Very professional and honest.
So far glad had done, didn’t think would hurt so much though. But you can see the difference all ready. Fingers crossed looks brilliant.
Very friendly and informative. Pleased with results.
Great results, fab service definitely be back again.
I am very happy with the result. Thank you.
Very friendly and helpful.
Clear explanation, staff were friendly and helpful.
Clinic was excellent. I would recommend to all my friends. Doctor was very clear in all she told me. I am very pleased with results.
Wonderful customer service and very knowledgeable medical experts. Thank you, see you soon!
Very clean.
-Beverley, 13/03/13
Was really nervous about trying the treatment, but was put totally at ease when arrived. The clinic is very professional and I felt at ease. Immediate results am really pleased.
- Tracie, 02/03/13
Full in-depth consultation. Did not feel pressured. I made an informed choice about treatments and am very happy with results. Dr. Kumari made me feel relaxed throughout will be coming back.
- Karen, 02/03/13
Love love my new lips.
- Samantha, 09/03/13
Happy with results.
-Janet, 07/03/13
Happy with my new lips however feel I need to get more work which I have never been told before at least the staffs were honest.
-Leanne, 09/03/13
Found my treatment pain free, loved the outcome.
- Pamela, 07/03/13
I found joy very informative and she was experienced in the treatment. I wanted (fillers), she really wanted to get a good result. Receptionist was lovely and put me at ease. Very friendly.
- Rose, 06/03/13
Pleasant clinic. Dr. Kumari very informal. Overall experience satisfactory.
-Caroline, 23/02/13
I was very nervous before I booked my appointment but I need not have been. I was made most welcome; I was given all the options prior to the procedure (dermal filler) and was also given information of other procedures that would enhance my looks. (Chemical peels) On the day of the procedure I was still nervous but I have never been happier with the results. The procedure was explained thoroughly all the way through. I now feel fantastic and have now booked a peel to complete my looks. Highly recommend.
- Christine, 23/02/13
I found the service here excellent and very friendly. I was very impressed with the results of treatment and will use the clinic again.
-Emma, 22/02/13
Excellent consultation/ really friendly and very professional. Very completive prices.
-Debbi, 23/02/13
I visited the Liverpool skin clinic on the date above. I had derma filers. Absolutely made up with the face changing affects. Even though I didn’t have fillers in my lips, my smile was improved. Instead of my face looking droopy and miserable I know look much happier. Very happy with results and I would defiantly recommend Joy!
-Ann Marie, 16/02/13
I am very happy with result and will be back, very happy with the end result.
- Diane, 16/02/13
I am very happy with result and will be back, very happy with the end result.
- Diane, 16/02/13
Really pleased with treatment. Staff very helpful!
- Anon
Very happy with results and great advice given. Great before and after pictures, will be back for more treatments. Thanks for your friendly and welcoming service.
- Paula, 19/02/13
Very relaxing. Treatment was excellent. Very little pain.
-Ruth, 25/02/13
Very warm welcome from Christina (Receptionist) Joy (practitioner) explained everything fully and made me feel very relaxed. The products I used were explained in detail. I am extreamly delighted with the result. I would highly recommend the clinic.
-Lynda, 30/01/13
Consultation was through an example pictures shown. No nonsense treatment was advised. I would recommend using this service again
-Paula, 31/01/13
Fabulous results immediately apparent. Very skilled doctor, very caring and efficient. Lovely reception staff.
-Lynda, 31/01/13
Joy made me very much at ease and I had total trust in her. I am thrilled with the results of my treatment, and intend to come for advice and more treatments when necessary.
- Jean, 27/03/13
Instructions and advice clear and precise. Results very good. Friendly and knowledgeable staff.
-Ben, 26/03/13
Very professional and honest.
- A. Beddows, 22/03/13
Great results. Will be back!
-Allison, 22/03/13
Feel was given good advice and I was happy with the results.
- Julia, 28/03/13
Feel was given good advice and I was happy with the results.
- Julia, 28/03/13